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2015 Honda Pilot ReviewIt’s less likely that we will see 2015 Honda Pilot completely redesigned. All the information that appears on the internet is speculation and with nothing confirmed assumptions. Still not a single official information from Honda about the redesign of this fantastic SUV. Also there is not a single spy photos of the new “redesigned” 2015 Honda Pilot. All this leads us to the conclusion that this year we will not see a new generation of the Honda Pilot. The model for 2015 year is unlikely to come out with some considerable updates in its exterior design. Generally speaking, the new generation of this SUV will be much more futuristic and contemporary from the exterior in comparison to its predecessor which had actually pretty squared shape.

New Honda Pilot Redesign 2015

When it comes to design of Automobiles, Honda has a place of pride. It is Honda Motors that revolutionized the SUV market in the World. Every Honda vehicle bears the testimony of the company’s commitment to styling and redesigning. The company is now going to take the automobile market by storm with launch of an exhaustively redesigned 2015 Honda Pilot.

The Honda Pilot, which was first introduced in 1990s, has undergone little change through the years. The 2015 honda pilot model will be a complete exception as it is certain that the SUV will come completely redesigned and will have a new look that is entirely different from previous models. It is expected that with these alterations the 2015 Honda Pilot will become the market leader for crossover SUV cars.

The 2015 Pilot will have its exterior and interior of the car redesigned. Even engine and transmission will be completely new. Whereas, the 2014 Pilot had a 3.5liter 250HP, the 2015 Honda will have a 310 HP engine, which makes it perfect for a front wheel drive. It will have a six speed automatic transmission, that make it perfects for the all-wheel drive models.

The styling of the car will be totally different to give it a trendier and contemporary look, which could be seen through the leaked Pilot Honda photos. The iconic boxy look will be no more there. It appearance is now more like its main competitor Acura MDX models. There will be more spaces in the second and third row of seats, which can accommodate up to ten passengers. The Pilot model itself brought out in the recent past has several versions called EX, EX-L, EXLX, and Touring. The basic design of all these versions remains the same with changes in the size of wheels, type of seats, luxury features, etc. With all these major changes, it is expected that the crossover SUV will be the best family car in its segment.

Honda Pilot Engine Light

2015 Honda Pilot EngineBiggest unknown about this vehicle is the engine choice for the next generation . After much guessing and speculation , the best possibility is that , a 3.5L V6 engine with 310 hp and 265 lb.ft. torque , will be running 2015 Honda Pilot . Models with AWD will have a 6-speed automatic transmission , while the model with FVD , will have a CVT transmission . With this engine , the new Pilot will be more economical than its predecessor . Of course , improvements and new design , will affect the reduction of fuel consumption and improved vehicle aerodynamics .

2015 Honda Pilot Interior and Exterior

2015 Honda Pilot InteriorFor over decades Honda Pilot has been a great family SUV. So it is no surprise that this newest 2015 honda pilot edition takes that leadership even further. More power, more room, more fuel economy, more of everything that made it the benchmark. And now you can add your own creativity and touches with Honda Pilot accessories that personalize it, protect it and make it more convenient. There is wide range of accessories, free and paid, available to lend the vehicle a personalized look.

The 2015 Honda Pilot adds a bevy of new standard features including keyless access system with push button start, LED headlights, interior and exterior LED lighting, on-demand on scree multi information touch screen display, a powerful sound system, a powerful rearview camera, and an acoustic glass front windows and windshield. The range topping Honda Pilot with advance package boast a wide range of new technologies and features, including lane keeping assist system, adaptive cruise control with low speed follow, and a new wide DVD rear entrainment system. There are leather seats with back support to ensure comfort to passengers sitting on.The integrated sunshades in the vehicle keep the painful glares of sun at bay and allow you to enjoy your ride.

2015 Honda Pilot steering wheel is same as 2014 model but comes with slight improvement in technology to make it safer. The vehicle comes with an automatic-diming mirror. It automatically adjusts for changing light conditions and reduces glares of bright light from car behind. The improvement climate control feature is outstanding. The tri-zone automatic climatic control allows a passenger sitting on whatever row to adjust temperature to her/his need without worrying for other passengers on other rows as they have too option to adjust the temperature to their own need. Optional accessories include standalone features such as heated steering, fog light, all season floor mats, vehicle stability assist with traction control, tire pressure monitoring system and satellite linked navigation system. The EX-L and Touring models have these features pre-installed.

2015 Honda Pilot Release and Date

2015 Honda Pilot, the iconic family SUV, is all set to enter the automobile market this year with a completely refreshed look. More than the interior, the exterior has undergone exhaustive change. Honda Motors management must have realized that the classical minivan and boxy look are no longer favoured in today’s fashionable world. As reports suggest that 2015 model will be more specious and sport 2014 Acura MDX look. The 2015 model will thus come as a surprise to Honda fans.

The interior of the vehicle has also been improved. The improvement includes USB, a new back-up camera, cruise controller, steering wheel controls, climate control mechanism and a new light system. A substantial number of vehicle components have been made up of Aluminium. So, the vehicle will be lighter and this would help the vehicle consume less fuel. The vehicle will also consume less power as it uses a more powerful and less weight engine. The six speed automatic transmission will ensure steady transfer of power to the wheel. The 2015 Honda Pilot thus undoubtly will be more power and fuel efficient.

The 2015 Honda Pilot is come in four trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L and Touring models with different prices. Price has been set depending on trim switch just above the 2014 Honda Pilot model. The LX will cost around $31,000, EX around $32,500 and$41,500 for EX-L. The EX-L and Touring models will have all the features of 2014 Acura MDX. Touring model will be customized depending upon customer’s preference and price will cost accordingly. There has not been official word about its release date but speculation is ripe that the vehicle could hit the market during the second quarter of this year. There is possibility that the SUV will be only a concept model car.

2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition

Our assumptions were correct, 2015 honda pilotwill not get any mechanical or design changes. However, it will pleasantly surprise you with a special edition of this model. This new equipment package includes Pewter Gray aluminum wheels, rear-seat DVD entertainment system, Sirius XM radio and power moonroof. It really refreshes technical features of this model. Price for the 2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition model will be $ 33.950 for front-wheel drive version and $ 35.550 for all-wheel drive version. This price includes destination charge. Other equipment packages will be expanded, and they will include a rearview camera, Class III trailer hitch and keyless entry. Because of this, the price of the rest trim packages will be increased by $ 200.

The 2015 Honda Pilot will continue to be powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine that makes 250 hp and which is mated to a 5-speed automatic transmission. EPA fuel economy remains the same, which means 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway for RWD models, and 17/24 mpg for AWD models. The 2015 Honda Pilot now comes the showrooms across America, and you can purchase it already at some dealerships. Its base price is $ 30.700 while best version – Touring all-wheel-drive is priced at $42,450, including destination charge.


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