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2015 Jaguar F Type R Side FrontThe 2015 jaguar f type r coupe new sports-car range; it’s the most powerful series-production Jag model ever. It responds accurately to even the smallest of steering inputs through an exceptionally stiff body. It is fearsome, loud, and fast. Drawing on rich heritage, the company introduced its all-new F-Type last year as a convertible. This open-air car shocked the motoring press with world-class dynamics and a striking design. But that’s not the limit of what the company is capable of; for the 2015 model year Jaguar is introducing an even more engaging variant, one with a solid roof and even stiffer body.

Does that description seem fitting for a Jaguar, which for decades has been the place you go for comfortable high-speed sitting rooms? Chief engineer Mike Cross replies: “It’s time for a change. This car is more than just the coupe version of the F-type roadster. It’s a high-performance sports car with a completely different character.”

“Completely different” might be overstating things a bit, but it did strike us as more intense than the already fully committed F-type roadster. The coupe has the same basic dimensions and proportions as the convertible and comes with the same interior, which is relatively narrow. It features a beautiful, sweeping roofline with a rear window that reminds us a bit of the E-type coupe. The roof panel is available either as aluminum or panoramic glass, which adds about seven pounds. Weight, especially in the roof, is a major perform¬ance killer. It’s no stripped-down Porsche GT3 RS, this car.

Jaguar F Type R Performance

2015 Jaguar F Type R EngineJaguar F Type R Performance,R Coupe F-Types are powered by a proper V8. Displacing an even five liters, this high-performance two-by-four delivers copious amounts of power and torque with an exhaust sound that pops and crackles like bacon in a skillet.

Thanks to a supercharger, variable valve timing and direct injection – features shared with the other two engines offered in the coupe – this powerplant puts out a walloping 550 ponies with 502 lb-ft of torque. These figures are a good bit more than what the convertible’s V8 delivers.

The direct-injected and supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 comes with 55 more horsepower than the V-8 S roadster for a total of 550 horses at 6500 rpm, just a hair more than Jag’s 1992–1994 XJ220 superflop. In the F coupe, that’s enough stonk to push the car over 186 mph. A higher top speed would require tougher tires, so to save costs, Jaguar engineers limited the R coupe to 186 exactly.

More than the increased horsepower, the extra 42 pound-feet of torque over the V-8 S roadster is palpable when booting the R coupe out of tight corners. When the engine delivers its maximum 502 pound-feet of torque, the electronically controlled differential—an updated version from the S roadster that responds in an even quicker two-tenths of a second—distributes the maximum each rear wheel can use. At the same time, the torque-vectoring system brakes the inner wheels in a corner to ­modulate between over- and understeer. By selecting the sharpest driving mode—logi­cally labeled “dynamic”—the system allows slight drifts. It’s just enough to let the driver bask in a few milliseconds of heroism, even if it is an illusion. The computer running the electronic stability system has no ego, however, and does its work with anonymous deftness.

An eight-speed automatic transmission is the only gearbox on the menu… for now. Provided by German firm ZF, it’s a perfect dance partner for the torque-rich V8 and makes the most of the engine’s ample power while delivering the best fuel economy possible.

Around town the R Coupe should sticker at 16 MPG. On the highway the figure grows to 23; combined it ought to return 18 miles per gallon. Regrettably these efficiency figures are appreciably less than what six-cylinder models are capable of delivering.

The new F-type R coupe embodies the brazen attitude Jaguar abandoned in the ’60s. With its athleticism, including acceleration from zero to 60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds and a Nordschleife lap of 7 minutes 39 seconds, the R coupe moves closer to the benchmark Porsche 911 Turbo than any Jaguar before it. Except, that is, for its starting price, which at $99,895 is roughly two-thirds the Porsche’s. And don’t forget the Jag’s exhaust, which sounds like a Porsche being thrown to the lions.

Jaguar F Type Interior

2015 Jaguar F Type R Interior ViewThe Jaguar F Type Interior is just as nicely crafted. Creamy soft leather and contrast stitching abound, covering the dashboard and door panels. The seats are comfortable and adjustable in numerous directions. While far from atrocious, the touch-screen infotainment system seems a generation behind what’s offered in other cars these days.

For instance, the exterior door handles are a nifty touch. Normally they’re tucked into the outer skins, providing a totally smooth body surface, but they motor out so you can grab on and get in when the car is unlocked.

Other potential drawbacks include compromised visibility as well as difficult ingress and egress. Rearward sightlines are extremely poor, particularly to the side; even the rear-view mirror has a habit of blocking your forward vision, particularly while traversing curving mountain roads.

Thanks to a low roof and high sills getting into and out of the F-Type’s rather cramped cabin can be a challenge. These issues would be deal-breakers with a family sedan but they’re pretty much par for the course with sports cars. The Jag is no worse than some of its competitors.

Practicality is a mixed bag. Interior storage space is somewhat limited, but the trunk clocks in at a surprisingly generous 11 cubic feet, which is supposedly enough for two golf bags.

2015 Jaguar F Type Price

2015 Jaguar F Type R Rear Door2015 Jaguar F Type Price, the base F-Type Coupe kicks off around $66,000, including destination and delivery fees; for an extra four grand you can snag a convertible model. The up-level S version launches around $78,000, though it’ll take roughly 82 grand will get you drop-top S. Curiously pricing flip flops when it comes to the R; coupe variants are more expensive than their open-air counterparts, starting at just about $100,000; a convertible can be had for about 93 grand.

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