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Mitsubishi Lancer Side FrontAlthough the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has been discontinued in other markets, the street-legal rally sedan gets a few updates for 2015. Mitsubishi also confirmed 2015 will be the last year for the Lancer Evolution.

The last 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was unveiled at the Mitsubishi Owners Day. Why are EVO owners so unhappy?

Mitsubishi Owners Day (MOD) was a big event for Lancer Evolution fans as the last generation 2015 Lancer Evolution made its debut at U.S. Mitsubishi headquarters this weekend. The last Lancer Evolution X was unveiled along with the entire 2015 Mitsubishi North American lineup. There were numerous generations of the legendary Lancer Evolution high-performance sports sedan on hand as EVO owners showed off their cars.

Mitsubishi has confirmed that its Lancer Evolution will bow out of the market after the 2015 model year, and at this point it’s not clear what will replace it. Mitsubishi has said in the past that any successor to the Evo will be very different to past generations of the car, with many suggesting it will be a hybrid. Unfortunately, it may be several years still until we see a proper successor launched, as Mitsubishi has also said it won’t start development of such a car until it has suitable technology.

Mitsubishi has said the 2015 Lancer Evolution will be the last of this generation before it makes its North American exit. Mitsubishi has been very secretive about the next-generation performance car, but its going to undergo some big changes. It will likely have a new name and a high-performance hybrid powertrain that MMC has been developing in its motorsports program.

It’s not all bad here, though. If you look toward the upper end of the Lancer lineup, you’ll find a few versions of the car that feel as sporty and rewarding to drive as the Mitsubishis of yesteryear–be it the satisfying Ralliart, or the track-ready Lancer Evolution. Even amongst so many new compact economy cars in the segment, these two vehicles with their all-wheel-drive and turbocharged engines remain interesting and relevant, especially to shoppers who live in colder climates.

Lancer Interior

For 2015, Mitsubishi has added a few new standard features to base models, as well as repackaged a few features into a new Value Pack trim. All models now receive heated power mirrors with built-in turn indicators. SE models get a sportier front bumper and the FUSE handsfree bluetooth audio system. ES models get an optional Value Pack, which includes the upgraded infotainment system and a few upgraded interior materials. GT models with the CVT automatic transmission get a sunroof, the upgraded Rockford Fosgate sound system, and HID headlamps.

But Mitsubishi apparently doesn’t consider the Lancer Evolution a core model in their lineup like Subaru features the WRX STI as their flagship model. Don Swearingen, Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) Executive Vice President of Sales points the new direction the Japanese automaker is headed and said, “Our year-to-date sales are up by nearly 29 percent over the same period from last year thanks to strong sales of our core models.This sustained sales momentum is a good indicator for the brand as we begin to launch our 2015 models.”

Mitsubishi Evo Engine

The driving-enthusiast draws of the lineup are the Evolution and Ralliart. With the Ralliart, you essentially get a Lancer GT, fitted with a 237-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbocharged four, With a few more borrowed components from the high-end Evolution, like its quicker-ratio steering, you get a car that’s a lot more engaging to drive. Yet those craving track time will want to head straight to the Evo; its much stronger 291-hp engine and sophisticated all-wheel drive system are complemented by serious performance upgrades all around

Fuel Economy Mitsubishi lineup is going green

Mitsubishi is going in a different direction with a more fuel-efficient and green lineup and there isn’t any place for the high-performance gas-powered Lancer Evolution. Fans are definitely sad that Mitsubishi is axing the performance sedan. High sales of the performance model tell us they continue to want performance models like the EVO and will buy them in big numbers if Mitsubishi will build them.

Fuel economy isn’t a strength for the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer, and many mid-size sedans actually deliver better EPA estimates.

Opt for the base 2.0-liter engine and mileage is reasonably good, at 25 or 26 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway; but that’s 3-6 mpg lower on the highway than most other cars in this class. GT models rate 2 or 3 mpg lower all around at 22/31 or 23/30 mpg, respectively,

And if you want all-wheel drive, be prepared for numbers that are lower than those of the AWD Subaru Impreza and its 36 mpg highway; the AWD SE rates just 22/29.

The performance models in the lineup are of course at the back of the pack. The Ralliart only manages 18 mpg city, 25 highway, and the Evo is rated as low as 17/22.

Mitsubishi Lancer Price

Mitsubishi is having good success with their other lineup that includes the Outlander Sport 5-passenger compact crossover/SUV and the new fuel-efficient Mirage 5-door sub-compact. Mitsubishi saw another strong month in July with sales of 6,349 units, a 21.4 percent increase over the sales total from July 2013. Outlander Sport was the brand’s volume leader with sales of 2,610 units in July, its best July sales month since the model was launched back in 2010.

Pricing for the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has not been announced. The base 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution starts at $35,805, including an $810 destination charge.

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