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New Megane 2015 PictureThe tradition of exclusive, sporty Renault Sport models continues with Megane RS 275 Trophy, a new limited-edition version of Megane RS,Only 250 Renault Megane RS275 Trophy-R hot hatches will be made available worldwide but Australia is getting 50, the second-biggest foreign allocation after Japan, and ahead of Germany, the UK and Italy.

Following its restyling, the Megane range’s sportiest version now benefits from a technical upgrade and a bespoke look. Megane RS 275 Trophy is the latest in a long line of limited-editions of the model which began with the Trophy version in 2011 and continued with the Red Bull Racing RB7 (2012) and Red Bull Racing RB8 (2013) versions.

Megane RS Performance

Thanks to its more powerful engine, new, competition-derived technical features and assertive stance, Renault Sport’s Megane R.S. 275 Trophy is a limited-edition car that is sure to appeal to fans of exclusive sporty cars.

Widely acclaimed both for its on-road performance and when driven round circuits, the Cup chassis with limited slip differential is a standard feature of Megane RS 275 Trophy.

To allow customers to benefit more fully from the car’s dynamic qualities, Renault Sport’s engineers have worked extensively on Megane RS’s powerplant to extract an extra 10 horsepower. The two-litre petrol engine consequently boasts 275hp, and peak power is reached at 5,500rpm. At the same time, maximum torque (360Nm) is available across a broad rev-band, from 3,000 to 5,000rpm.

Despite this additional power, fuel consumption and emissions have been carefully contained to stand at just 7.5 litres/100km* and 174g of CO2/km respectively.

Weight has long been the enemy of performance and fuel economy but cars have become heavier as customers demand better equipment and safety protection.
The test driver who did the 7 minute and 54.36 second lap said the back seat would have added “between one and two seconds”, which is why it was deleted.

On its way to losing 101kg Renault removed the back seat (20kg), the regular battery was replaced with a lithium-ion item (saving 16kg), lightweight wheels save a combined total of 5kg, race-car style front seats saved 22kg, lightweight brake discs saved 3kg, the removal of noise-deadening material saved 18kg — and ditching the radio and air-conditioning saved 10kg.

Renault Sport, the manufacturer of benchmark exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars, have marked their association with the standard fitment of a titanium exhaust system. In addition to benefiting from the lighter weight of titanium, Megane RS 275 Trophy also features a specific, more raucous bark that is sure to appeal to those who appreciate sporty engine notes.

New Renault Megane 2015 Equipment Package

Renault Megan TrophyRenault Megane RS 275 Trophy kicks off a partnership with the world-renowned damper manufacturer, Öhlins. The limited-edition car can be specified with optional adjustable Öhlins Road & Track dampers with steel springs. This evolution of technology employed in motorsport and on Megane N4 allows drivers to adjust their damper settings easily and unaided.

Also available as an option for Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy for those who enjoy circuit days are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres. This ultra-high performance solution was developed jointly by Michelin and Renault Sport specifically for this new limited-edition front-wheel drive car.

Renault Megane RS 2015 Technology

Incredibly, the coil springs in the front suspension are made from fiberglass and held together with a special resin — just to save 1kg each. The company claims the fiberglass springs are as strong if not stronger than steel springs.

The exhaust is made from titanium; it’s lighter, allows air to flow more freely and helps the engine make a fraction more power, and has a nice “crackle” sound as you change gears.

Don’t go looking for a dual-clutch transmission, this one is an old school six-speed manual. (Renault hinted the next Megane RS will have a DCT, but is yet to decide if it will even offer a manual as an option).

Renault Megane Trophy RS Design

The Megane gets Renault’s new, bold, corporate nose for 2014, but the rest of the hatchback’s sleek shape is unchanged.

While the lightweight RS275 Trophy-R gets lairy red wheels and red stickers, the RS275 Trophy is a little more sedate: yellow or black body colour with black wheels and silver stickers. Don’t worry, they peel off easy enough.

2015 Renault Megane RS Interior Eexterior

New Megane Sport DashboardExterior, the new livery includes Trophy branding on the Platine Grey F1-type front blade, while the personalised body sides feature Trophy decals. Platine Grey has also been selected for the chequered flag graphic at the bottom of the doors.

Meanwhile, numbered door sill guards are further evidence of the limited-edition car’s exclusivity.

Like the new signature engine note, the carbon exhaust tail pipe, too, is the work of Akrapovič.

Optional 19-inch black Speedline Turini wheels derived from those used by competition versions of Megane can also be ordered.

interior, Megane RS 275 Trophy comes with leather and Alcantara Recaro bucket seats with visible red stitching. Red stitching has been carried over to the rear bench seat, while the head rests feature Renault Sport badging.

Other interior highlights include visible red stitching for the Alcantara steering wheel trim and hand brake bellow, as well as a Zamac gear lever knob.

Thanks to its more powerful engine, new, competition-derived technical features and assertive stance, Renault Sport’s Megane RS 275 Trophy is a limited-edition car that is sure to appeal to fans of exclusive sporty cars.

2015 Renault Megane RS Price

Hard to measure as we don’t know the price, but $50,000 to $60,000 for the RS275 Trophy is definitely at the high end of the scale. That money buys a very nice Volkswagen Golf R with a lot of fruit, and some change. The $65,000 stripped out Trophy-R is for purists only, who want to do track days.


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