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Tesla Model S  ReviewsJust recently we were able to see announcement about the cabriolet version of Tesla Model S but this is not all. The 2015 Tesla Model S Saleen edition is the second version that has been announced and is based on highly popular Model S electric vehicle.

Tesla Motors is a well-known car company specialized in electric vehicles. I am sure most of you know that, but did you know that they are currently manufacturing only one type of car, the Model S? They started with the Tesla Roadsters and they are planning on building the Tesla X, an electric SUV.

Now, the 2015 Tesla Model S is quite similar to the 2014 model. It features a rear wheel drive electric motor with two battery pack options and three power levels.

The 2015 Tesla model S is a electric car made with four doors and is designed to accommodate up to five passengers. 2015 Tesla Model S is very similar to a 2014 Model. It features an electric motor driving the rear wheels with two battery options and three levels of power. This is not surprising, as the only American company produces top notch high quality cars. 2015 Tesla Model S is their newest piece of art, and was a rip roaring car that people just have to have.

Tesla Model S Specs Performance

Width = 1024px Height = 682pxTesla Motors SUVFrom the start this vehicle always offered really good performances especially in the case of Performance edition, the 85 kWh battery pack with two power levels. A 362 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque and a more powerful 416 horsepower and a massive 443 pound-feet of torque, the latter being able to accelerate up to 60 MPH in around 4.2 seconds and that is super-car fast territory! This doesn’t mean the others are slow. All the Tesla are able to accelerate to 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds and are able to go up to 120 MPH which is quite great result. Saleen has promised that performances will be also affected and that it will come with even better figures. This might be quite tricky job since at this point Performance version already offers fantastic figures and tuning of this powertrain could be a lot more complicated than tuning of regular gasoline cars. According to CEO and founder of Saleen, Steve Saleen we could hear that there are plans to bring one of the best Tesla models available on the market. In the statement he said: “I fully intend to produce one of the most compelling Tesla’s to ever hit the roadway”. All this sounds great but until we see it in action it is only rumors and promises.

Around the power-train it’s wrapped a body with a luxurious interior. The 2015 Tesla Model S is a five-door lift back with four seats in the car compartment and an optional two baby seats in the trunk. The Model S is also the only limousine with two trunks, a normal trunk, located at the back and a front trunk, which is popularly called by Tesla a “frunk”.

Width = 1024px Height = 605px2015 Tesla Model S DashboardThe dashboard is very easy to read and, instead of the old fashioned dials it features a LCD screen that will display information about speed, drive mode (Sport, ECO or Normal), the number of miles until you run out of juice and some additional information like tire pressure, temperature, energy consumption and similar.

On the center console you can find large 17 inch touch-screen with all the functionality of a tablet combined with all in one entertainment system. With the help of this screen you can access the internet, browse music on your hard-drive or control the complex electric system of the car (this can show the info on how the engine works or how the regenerative braking system is working).

2015 Tesla model S Engine

New 2015 Tesla model S will have an electric motor with two packs of lithium-ion batteries. The first battery will be a capacity of 60 kWh. The production will be 302 hp and 317 lb-ft (430 Nm) of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is achieved for 5.9 seconds. Top speed is limited to 120 mph (193 km/h). The maximum range will be 208 miles (335 km). Consumption is 95 MPGe. Capacity of the other batteries will be 85 kWh. The maximum range is 265 miles (426 km). Depending on the model will be a two-level power. The first will have 362 hp and 325 lb-ft (440 Nm) of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is achieved for 5.4 seconds. Top speed is limited to 125 mph (201 km/h). Consumption is 89 MPGe. Other engine producing 416 hp and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm) of torque. Acceleration from 0 to 62 mph is achieved for 4.2 seconds. Top speed is limited to 130 mph (209 km/h). It will have a rear-wheel drive. Combined with a 1-speed direct drive transmission.

Changes For 2015 Tesla Model S

The 2015 electric Tesla Model S will be able to get over 90 MPG for the 60 kWh battery pack and up to 88 MPG for the 85 kWh model. This will result in an average of 1.1 dollars for each 25 miles and the best thing is that with the help of the Supercharger stations the car is able to charge up to 80 percent that is enough for at least 170 miles in as low as 30 minutes!


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