2015 Toyota Tacoma Redesign

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2015 Toyota Tacoma side viewThe current model was first launched in 2005, and it is one of the most cost effective Toyota models. But after the lunching of a new generation of Colorado, it is possible that this model will record a slight decline in sales. However, although new 2015 Toyota Tacoma will not be completely redesigned, it will get a certain refreshment. Of course, Toyota is planning to redesign this model, as well as the Tundra and 4Runner models. But before it get a redesign that will get new equipment package – 2015 toyota tacoma trd pro series. The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado could be the best thing that ever happened to the 2015 Toyota Tacoma redesign. Visit any Tacoma forum or blog and you will see that although the pickup has a tremendously loyal following, those fans know that it can be better. Some suspect the 2015 Toyota Tacoma redesign will emerge in 2015 as a Colorado-beater. We think not. The 2015 model year is now, not later. If Toyota was planning to meet the Colorado’s challenge head on from the first moment it arrived, we would have already seen the new Tacoma at shows, and we would have learned some details.

2015 toyota tacoma redesign Update Step One – 2015 toyota tacoma engines

If there is one area that is already a problem for the 2014 Tacoma versus the 2015 Colorado it is engines. In our previous story we explained that the base engine may be fine for some, but by comparison to what the Colorado will offer, it is way too weak as an affordable truck. We still think the main parry by Toyota will be to place the new 2.0 liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine in the Tacoma.
In the upcoming Lexus NX 200t the new turbo will produce 235 horsepower and about 260 ft-lbs of torque. After the 2015 toyota tacoma redesign, this will be the engine most frequently selected by individual buyers. It matches the output of the current V6 almost exactly. Toyota may retain the inexpensive base 2.7 liter four cylinder engine, but it will be for commercial 2wd delivery vehicles and for fleet sales.
We cannot rule out a new V6 engine for the Tacoma, but given the 2.0 turbo’s ability to carry 70% of the truck’s sales, with the base 2.7 handling maybe 20% of the production slated for fleets and bare-bones value trucks, the current 3.5 liter V6 now used only by Lexus may make an appearance. This engine is more expensive than necessary for the Toyota Tacoma, and its torque is nothing special, but that isn’t the point. Toyota needs a V6 with a high horsepower number to offer “homeowner buyers” that plan to drive the Tacoma as if it were a car most of the time, but occasionally need the bed and basic towing ability a few times per year. The 3.5 liter, direct and fuel injected V6, with over 300 horsepower is already in widespread production.

2015 toyota tacoma redesign plan – Step 2 Features 2015 toyota tacoma interior

Look closely at the Colorado’s marketing and we see three themes. First, fuel economy. Toyota Tacoma will have no problem matching Chevy there. The current Toyota Tacoma is already lighter than the Colorado and the new turbo will improve the overall fuel economy numbers for theToyota Tacoma family. No new carbon fiber or aluminum alloy panels needed to catch up. Second, Chevy is talking about making the Colorado a full size pickup in the minds of buyers crazy enough to think that. Toyota will ignore this angle because its larger Tundra is already selling amazingly well. Conversely, the full size Chevy Silverado has been shrinking in sales. Third, Chevy is making the Colorado seem modern and fun. Modern “confotainment” options and lots of fun outdoor gear are a big part of the Colorado marketing blitz.
2015 toyota tacoma interior will be much changed, but will be used in the development of much better materials to give the quality. Some small details that are changed will have the task to give the truck a little more modern look. Toyota will add more sophistication to the 2015 toyota tacoma redesign inside. The vehicle will need to have optional navigation, entertainment, and connectivity the equal of anything in the Toyota line, including some Lexus models. . Few major changes will occur in the area of management and entertainment features, all of which can increase that in 2015 alone driving the Toyota Tacoma do much easier and more fun. With little difficulty 2015 toyota tacoma redesign can also offer new and improved kayak, tenting, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and other outdoors-related gear for Tacoma buyers to see in photos and then either buy or not buy. Much of this type of stuff is simply “wish-book” marketing.
Those hoping to see a completely new platform for the 2015 toyota tacoma redesign, or even anytime soon may be disappointed. Toyota’s goal is not to keep Colorado from succeeding. It can’t. Rather, this author believes the mid-size pickup market will expand overall, and regardless of the sales of the Colorado, Toyota will update its truck and continue to make its Tacoma a high-volume, profitable, and much-loved pickup truck. Fans of the Tacoma should cheer the arrival of the Colorado.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Release Date and Projected Prices

This model is one of the best selling Toyota cars, so that great attention is paid to his premiere and his status on market. As we said special edition TRD Pro we expect in late September in showrooms, while the refreshed 2015 Tacoma supposed to go on sale early next year. Given the fact that it comes with small changes its price will remain virtually unchanged. This means that the basic 2015 Toyota Tacoma version still cost $ 18,000 which expires this truck as the best truck for the money.Its price will depend on the choice of cab and engine, Company presently hasn’t issued a press release about the doable cost models equipped with this deal. The latest Tacoma model on the sector offering for $30.000, The Price will probably be similar to the Price of the current design. It is from about $ 20,000 to about $ 30,000, based on the chosen additional performance 2015 Toyota Tacoma will hit the market during 2014 and the Price will be at $ 19.250 for 4 × 2 Extended Cab and $ 33.900 in the Dual Cab 4 × 4 Lengthy Bed.


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